1. We will answer the multiple choice questions in class. You can look them over if you want to make sure you know the answers.

Multiple Choice Questions

2. Every night you will copy one quote from the chapter we read in class and write a one paragraph reaction to it. You will also copy one quote and write a reaction to it for the chapter that is that night's homework.

3. Every night you will need to do vocabulary work for the chapter we read in class and the chapter you read for homework. You will need to find the vocabulary word, write the page it is on, copy part of the sentence, and define it.

I will collect the quotes and vocabulary when we are done with the book. I suggest you keep all your work in a spiral or do it on this wiki. You will have time in class to copy the quotes if you don't have Internet at home. You can organize your work either by chapter (example: chapter 1 voc., chapter 1 quote; chapter 2 voc., chapter 2 quote) or by sections (chapter 1-23 voc., chapter 1-23 quotes)

Want to know what we're reading each day in class and what the homework will be? Click here: Daily Giver Agenda This is a good idea if you are absent.