Reading Log 7

Book: The Titan's Curse Author: Rick Riordan

Monday: Page 01 - 50


Quote: "The Friday before winter break, my mom packed me an overnight bag and a few deadly weapons and took me to a new boarding school"

Reaction: I really doubt there would be any monsters at the boarding school but Percy's mom wanted him to be safe i guess. I would also be using the weapons if i was a demigod because if you were the son/daughter of the big 3 you would so get chased.

Tuesday: Page 51 - 80

Page: 52

Quote: "Speed equals heat" Apollo advised.

Reaction: What does Apollo mean by that? How does Speed equal heat?

Wednesday: Page 81 - 120

Page: 98


Reaction: Which god is Artemis? Is she the moon goddess?

Thursday : Page 121 - 150

page: 122

Quote: " Where's Argus taking them?" I muttered.

Reaction: Where is he taking them?!?!? A secret passage way somewhere!?!?!

Friday: Page: 151 - 180

Page: 179

Quote: ''Maybe there's something special about your knife." I said.

Reaction: What could be special about a knife? Its sharp , its pointy , and its cool looking but for Percy there is always something special about a sword or a knife.