Ancient China
Arizona Smith Video

1.How long have the same people lived in China?

2. What did archeologists find buried?

3. Why did the emperor want clay soldiers buried near his tomb?

4. Do the Chinese have an alphabet?

5 What’s a dynasty?

6. What did the emperor build to keep away invaders?

7. Where were workers who died building the wall buried?

8. What was the path the merchants and traders used called?

9. What animals crossed the desert?

10. What did Confucius think was almost as important as food?

11. What Chinese invention is used on Chinese New Year?

12. Bronze is made by heating copper and __.

13. Name three things the Chinese made of bronze.

14. How are Chinese names said differently than American ones?

15. Why is Chinese food cut small and cooked quickly?

16. Who invented the kind of paper we use?

17. Name three other Chinese inventions?

18. What material (type of cloth) did the Chinese invent?