Tues. Nov. 27:
Prewrite (while handing out books)
  1. How often do you eat fast food? From which restaurants? What food? Why do you eat fast food?
  2. What do you know about the fast food industry?
  3. What is your opinion of the fast food industry?

Tues. Nov. 28 Read silently pp 7-12. Then, answer these questions with your table.
  1. What is the author’s purpose in writing this introduction?
  2. What is this book going to be about?
  3. Why does the author think this is an important topic?

Read in class: The Pioneers Pp 13-18

  1. How did Charlie Nagreen (Hamburger Charlie) invent the hamburger? Be sure your answer includes where he was working, what he was selling before he invented the hamburger, and why the invention was an improvement.

  1. In the early 1900’s were hamburgers popular? If not, why not?

  1. What was the name of the first hamburger restaurant chain?

Read in class Speedee Service pp 19-25

Answer these questions on pp 19-25:

  1. In what state did drive in restaurants first open?
  2. What was a carhop’s job?
  3. What changes did the McDonalds brothers make in their restaurant? List at least two.

Homework Wed. Nov. 28: Read pp 25-36

in class Thurs. Nov. 29:
1. Who turned McDonalds into a hugely successful nationwide chain?
A the McDonalds brothers
B Ray Kroc
C Charlie Nagreen
D Walt Anderson
E Harland Sanders

2. McDonalds franchise owners . .
A had to create their own recipes
B were given lots of money to start new restaurants
C had to do everything the same
D often dressed up as clowns
E at first cooked healthy food

3. Fast food is not the only product that is the same all over the country. Another example of this mentioned in the book is. . .
A nail salons
B shoe repair stores
C Gap jeans and clothing
D magazine stands
E pet stores

Homework Thurs. Nov. 29 read pp 37-50

Classwork Fri. Nov. 30 read silently pp 51- top 56

Assertion: The people who started fast food chains often had difficult or unusual childhoods.

On your own, write an assertion and give 2 citations
Summarize in one sentence the topic of each section
The hamburger-eatingest clown:
Threatening nags:
Brand stickiness:

Classwork Monday, Jan. 27:
read pp 56-62 Toys, Toys, Toys

Answer this question about Toys, Toys, Toys:
1. According to the author, American kids see three hours of junk food T.V. ads a week. Do you see that many ads? How do you think they influence you?

Optional: read Mc Jobs
Answer this question about McJobs: What did Martinsburg used to look like and what has changed?

Homework Monday Dec. 3 read pp 70-91

pp 70-83 Just add hot water; long hours, low pay
3.Which is not a problem with fast food jobs:
A.The pay is low, usually minimum wage.
B.You need to go to school for many years to learn the job
C.Workers usually don’t get health insurance
D.Teenagers work too many hours

4. According to the author, why is it a bad idea for teens to work more than 20 hours a week?
A.They are more likely to use drugs
B.They will pay too much in taxes
C.It is dangerous to leave the restaurants late at night
D.They are more likely to cut class and drop out of school

5. Because of inflation (rising prices) money today is worth less than it was years ago. What do fast food restaurants want to do?
A.Pay their workers the same as before, even though it’s worth less
B.Pay their workers more because they need the money
C.Pay their workers less per hour
D.Hire less workers, but pay each one more

pp 83-91
Answer this question for homework:
1. What happened when Pascal tried to create a union for McDonalds workers?

Tuesday Jan 28
Homework read The Secret of the Fries, factory fries, smells, tasty pp 92-110 (start hw in class)

Wed. Dec. 5 Answer these questions

1. Which is more sensitive: your nose or your taste buds?

2. Can babies develop a preference for certain foods before they’re born?

3. In an experiment, most babies hated the taste of a disgusting formula, but some babies liked it. Why?
Homework Wed. Dec. 5: Read those strawberry shakes, 110-116, kid testers 116-120

Thurs. Dec. 6
Answer these questions:

1. The section “Kid Testers” is about. . .
A.Kids taking tests in school at the end of the year
B.Scientists testing children’s weight to see if they’re eating too much fast food
C.Kids testing food to see what tastes best
D.Scientists testing kid’s mouths to see if their taste buds are healthy
E.Scientists testing babies to see if they like drinking disgusting formula

2. The kids in this section were eating…
D.Big Macs
E.French fries

3. Testing shows that kids today prefer food that is…
A.hot and spicy
B.sweet or strangely flavored
D.odd colors

Thursday, Dec. 6 In class, read Bugs in your candy, Stop the Pop pp. 120-127
Homework: read Stop the Pop, Mcschools 128-135

Friday, January 20
Mcschools pp. 132-135
1. Is fast food sold in many public schools?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Very few
D. Not in public, but in private schools

2. Why do schools sell fast food in their cafeterias?
A.Because it is nutritious
B.Because students have short lunch breaks
C.Because kids like it and the schools earn money
D.Because the law requires them to sell a certain amount of fast food.

3. Why is selling fast food in schools a bad idea?
A.It isn’t healthy
B.Some kids will feel bad because they don’t have money
C.It creates too much litter
D.Kids will play with the Happy Meal toys during class.

In class, read “The Bitter Cry of Children” pp 136-139
Homework, “The Coke Dude” pp 139-144

Wednesday, January 14
“The Coke Dude” pp 139-144

1. Why does the author think drinking soda is bad for kids?
A. A can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar
B. Many sodas have caffeine
C. Kids drink soda instead of milk
D. All of the above

2. Today’s teenage boys drink…
A. twice as much soda as milk
B. twice as much water as soda
C. not enough soda
D. hamburgers and fries

3. Pizza Hut gives away free pizzas if kids read books because…
A. They know that reading is important
B. They know the kids’ families will buy their own pizzas
C. They worry the kids are too poor and are hungry
D. Pizza is low in fat, sodium (salt), and calories.

In class, read “Toothless” pp. 145-150
Homework “Don’t Blame Us” pp. 150-153

Thursday, January 15
In class, read “The Power of One” 154-155
Complete this outline of the chapter
pp. 128-155

II Fast food is put in many schools
VI Mary tried to pass a law preventing sodas from being sold in Alaskan schools

What is the author’s argument (assertion)? Give 3 supporting details (citations)
Homework: Read pp. 156-160 Meat

Friday, January 16
Voc quiz
Class: read 160-163 Beef Trust

Tuesday, January 20
In class, read rotten eggs and burning poop pp. 163-168
Homework: read pp. 169-174 Mr. McDonalds Breasts

1. Mr. McDonalds Breasts describes:
A. a new breed of chicken with large breasts (a lot of white meat)
B. a man who looks like a woman because of hormones in cows
C. a McDonalds commercial that is shown at R rated movies
D. a man without his shirt on

2. Chicken McNuggets became popular because…
A. people thought chicken was healthier than beef
B. it is a chicken food people could eat with their fingers
C. it was very popular with children
D. all of the above

3. Raising chickens in America today is…
A. a great way to earn money
B. a business that illegally hires young people
C. a business that doesn’t earn the farmers much money
D. interesting work for people who like the outdoors

Wednesday, January 21
In class, read “McCannibals” pp. 175-178
Homework: read “Shocking” pp. 178-182, “the jungle” pp. 182-186

Thursday, January 22
In class, read “don’t complain” pp. 186-191
Homework: read “cook it well” pp. 192-198

Friday, January 23
Write a question and answer about “cook it well”
Assessment (inc. scr)
Discuss “cook it well” pp. 192-198
Homework: read “Run” pp. 198-201

Monday, January 26
Class: read “Big” 202-207
Homework: read “Monster Thickburgers” 207-212

Tues Jan 27
Prep for trip
Class “the American disease” 213- 215
Homework “window of the soul” 216-223

Wed Jan 28
Field trip

Thurs Jan 29
Class 223- 228 “weighing in”
Homework 228-233 “complicated”

Friday, Jan 30
Class 234-238 “Your Way”
Homework 238-242 “Storming KFC”

Mon Feb 2
Class “the new Ronald 243-246
Homework “kids with knives” 246-253

“Storming KFC” 238-242 and “Kids with Knives” 246-253
1. Where were the fast food restaurants that were attacked?
A. The United States
B. All over the world
C. Bagdad, Iraq
D. New Orleans, Louisiana
2. Mad cow disease is caused by…
A. people making cows angry
B. poor conditions in slaughterhouses
C. feeding cows parts of dead cows
D. eating too much junk food, especially beef
3. Mad cow disease…
A. only affects cows
B. kills people by destroying their brains
C. causes bloody diarrhea and vomiting
D. is a form of salmonella
4. Why did the kids have knives?
A. they were making fruit salad
B. they were gardening
C. they went to school in a bad part of town and were violent
D. they were learning to slaughter chickens
5. What is the Edible Schoolyard?
A. a healthy snack
B. a new restaurant run by Alice Waters
C. a type of asphalt you can eat
D. a garden at a school

Tues Feb 3

Class “changing the world” 253-258
Homework “Afterword” 259- 264

Wed, Thurs, Fri. essay