1. What are you good at? I'm good at reading. When I'm reading nothing can bother me.external image c.gifexternal image c.gif
2. How do you feel when you're doing the thing you're good at? I feel so calm when I'm reading. When I'm reading I'm always calm and relaxed.
3. How would you feel if people wouldn't let you do the thing you're good at? I would feel angry because the only thing that calms me down is reading because it's always relaxing. Reading is my ticket to wonderland.

Bianca's poem qustions

Chapter 1

1. What problems or conflicts are presented in chapter one? Tao needing to find a rabbit is an obvious one; identify at least two more (not having anything to do with the rabbit!).;
2. Predict the resolution of each conflict.

sample conflict : Tayo needs to find a rabbit.
sample predicted resolution: He will find the one he lost.

conflict 1:There is a starving wolf dog and he doesn't want to eat.
predicted resolution 1:Maybe the wold dog will eat again.

conflict 2:Volt is mad at him
predicted resolution 2:Volt might forgive tao and tao will bring food for everyone.

Answer the questions below

Chapter 2

1. Why wasn't the wolf eating? The wolf dog wasn't eating because he had a bone in his jaw.
2. What was the resolution of the wolf's problem? The resolution of the wolf is that tao pulled out the bone from his jaw
2. Tao entered the slough. Why was this a good idea? Why might this be a bad idea? I think it was a good idea because he might be
able to find food for his clan,but it might be bad a bad idea because of taboo and they say there are evil spirits beyond that point.

Answer the questions below
1. In chapter 1, what does Tao really want to learn to do?
A. draw
B. hunt
C. make a flint knife
D. control fire

2. In chapter 2, what is stuck in the wolf's jaw?
A. food
B. a bone splinter
C. part of a tree
D. a flint knife

Chapter 3

3. What do Tao and Ram learn to do together?
A. walk on a leash
B. swim the river
C. hunt
D. escape Volt

4. What decision does Tao tell Volt?
A. he is going to hunt with the dog
B. the dog's name is Ram
C. he is going to look for his parents since he doesn't know who they are
D. he is going to hunt alone but bring back food to the camp

5. Look at Tao's decisions and actions from Volt's perspective. Pretend you are Volt. Write a first person paragraph explaining how you feel.
My name is Volt I am the chief of my clan. I'm frustrated because a puny little kid is talking back to me. I just wish he knew how hard it is to run a hungry clan.If he was in my position He would be mad too.
Chapter 4
In a good paragraph, describe Tao's mother. What are the qualities of her character? List 3 qualities. Find evidence in the chapter to support your ideas.
Tao's Mother is caring, protective, and loving since she had a crippled son she wouldn't give her own child away they wanted to put him in the boulders where hyenas would eat him. But she never gave up like a loving mother would. She was brave because she fought the clan like a cave lion by kicking, screaming, and biting. She was refusing to give up her baby. She was always creative and artistic. She always made the jewelry for others, she was so nice. Tao's mother would be a great mother, but I'd rather have my regular mother.

Answer the following questions

Chapter 5

1. Which two animals does Tao try to draw? Tao draws a horse and ram
2. Which is easier for him and why?It is easier for him to draw ram because ram is right in front of him and it's easier to draw what's in front of hm instead of what's in his mind.

CLASSWORK Friday, October 16, 2009Answer the following questions

Chapter 6
1. Graybeard realizes that Tao has broken two taboos of his clan. What are they?One is that he was hunting with a wolf dog. Second is that he was hunting in the slough.
2. Which taboo doesn't he know about yet?That tao is drawing when no one is there.
3. Graybeard describes Volt differently than we have. What aspects of Volt's character is graybeard acknowledging?Graybeard is only acknowledging the negative parts of volt but if they focus on the the positive they would know how sweet he was.

CLASSWORK Monday, October 19, 2009

Write your reaction to the last paragraph in the chapter.
1. Do you agree or disagree with Graybeard? Explain your answer.I disagree with graybeard because people should be allowed to do what they want.
2. What about if someone today told you about the thing you most love to do that, "It is taboo. Whether you believe in it or not makes no difference. It is taboo. It is the rule of our society and you must live by it." Would you agree with them? Explain your answer.I would feel horrible if they told me that I couldn't do the thing that I loved to do the most.I would do it anyway.I would find somewhere to do it when no one is there.