1. What are you good at? I am good at math.
2. How do you feel when you're doing the thing you're good at? I feel that I can do really hard problems that ever cross my path.
3. How would you feel if people wouldn't let you do the thing you're good at? I would feel a little sad, but I'd do it in hiding.

Chapter ​1

1. What problems or conflicts are presented in chapter one? Tao needing to find a rabbit is an obvious one; identify at least two more (not having anything to do with the rabbit!).
2. Predict the resolution of each conflict.

sample conflict : Tao needs to find a rabbit.
sample predicted resolution: He will find the one he lost.

conflict 1: One conflict was that the whole clan was starving.
predicted resolution 1
: I think the whole clan will solve this problem by entering the slough, and by breaking the taboo.

conflict 2: Another conflict is that Tao can not draw because it's a taboo.
predicted resolution: Tao might solve it by showing the clan how fun it is, then the clan will like it.

​Chapter 2

1. Why wasn't the wolf eating? The wolf was not eating because there was a bone splinter stuck in it's jaw and if it ate the wolf would jab it's mouth.
2. What was the resolution of the wolf's problem?The resolution was that Tao grabbed onto the wolf's head and the bone splinter while the wolf kept squirming.
2. Tao entered the slough. Why was this a good idea? Why might this be a bad idea? It is a good idea that Tao went into the slough because that way he could find a lot of food. Also this is bad because he would go against his clan's taboo and his clan has never gone in there because they think demons and evil spirits live in the slough.

​Chapter 3
Answer the questions below
1. In chapter 1, what does Tao really want to learn to do? ​Draw
A. draw
B. hunt
C. make a flint knife
D. control fire

2. In chapter 2, what is stuck in the wolf's jaw? ​A Bone Splinter
A. food
B. a bone splinter
C. part of a tree
D. a flint knife

3. What do Tao and Ram learn to do together? Hunt
A. walk on a leash
B. swim the river
C. hunt
D. escape Volt

4. What decision does Tao tell Volt? ​He is going to hunt alone,but bring back food to the camp.
A. he is going to hunt with the dog
B. the dog's name is Ram
C. he is going to look for his parents since he doesn't know who they are
D. he is going to hunt alone but bring back food to the camp

5. Look at Tao's decisions and actions from Volt's perspective. Pretend you are Volt. Write a first person paragraph explaining how you feel.
I am Volt, the clan leader of my clan. I think Tao is foolish because of his bad foot and his forgetfulness. I also hate that he talks back. His bad foot makes me upset because then he can't hunt as well as the hunters and our tribe will starve. Tao's forgetfulness really drives my patience. Like when he caught a rabbit and lost it. I'd might be nice, but I just have too much to worry about because since my clan is starving I just don't have the time. I'm also getting suspicious about what Tao does behind my back.

Chapter 4

In a good paragraph, describe Tao's mother. What are the qualities of her character? List 3 qualities. Find evidence in the chapter to support your ideas.
Vedra, Tao's mother, was protective, brave, and artistic. "But your mother would not let you go," shows that she was very protective. Also in the book it says "She fought like a lion screaming, biting, refusing to give you up," also explains how brave she was to fight for her child alone. That also explains how protective she was of Tao. You can tell she was very creative because she made jewelry, beads, needles and other things for free. These are some of the qualites of Vedra.

Answer the following questions

Chapter 5

1. Which two animals does Tao try to draw? He drew a horse and a wolf.
2. Which is easier for him and why? The wolf because Ram was close to Tao so he could just look at him and the horse was too hard to imagine in his head.

Answer the following questions

Chapter 6
1. Graybeard realizes that Tao has broken two taboos of his clan. What are they? The two taboos that Tao broke were, do not hunt with a wolfdog, and do not go into the slough.
2. Which taboo doesn't he know about yet? That Tao drew in his cave even though you can only draw if you are a shaman.
3. Graybeard describes Volt differently than we have. What aspects of Volt's character is Graybeard acknowledging?
I think that Graybeard used to be friends with Volt, and I think he's seen another side of him when they were young.

Chapter 7
Write your reaction to the last paragraph in the chapter. I think Graybeard was a little harsh to Tao because he is just a boy that has a big dream to be like him.
1. Do you agree or disagree with Graybeard? Explain your answer.
2. What about if someone today told you about the thing you most love to do that, "It is taboo. Whether you believe in it or not makes no difference. It is taboo. It is the rule of our society and you must live by it." Would you agree with them? Explain your answer. I disagree with him because some people don't always live by the rules and also sometimes people should be able to have their own ideas about things that they think is bad and good.

Chapter 8
An important theme in this novel is that people should follow their dreams and do what they believe is right, even if they don't follow their society's expected ways. The author examines this theme in a stone age setting.
Imagine a similar situation today. Imagine a young person who wants to do something with their life that is different from what is normally expected in our society.What situation did you imagine?

In the situation you imagined, should the person follow his or her dreams or should they follow society's expectations? Give your opinion.

The situation I imagine is a girl that doesn't want to go to college to find a good job. I think she shouldn't follow what she wants to do because when she grows up she will have regrets. For example, like what if she was tight on money and couldn't pay her bills or buy food? She'd make her life miserable without money to live or even support her own family when they need her. Also what if her parents wanted her to find a job that has a great pay and would make her sucessful in life. Another thing is she is going to have to work even harder th an ever just to have spare money. Not to be mean but to conclude this is a bad idea to follow unless she wants a very hard life.

Chapter 9
Why do you think Graybeard changed his mind? I think Graybeard changed his mind because he wanted to teach someone and have someone to replace him when he dies.
What does this tell you about his character? It shows that he is very caring for other tribes or clans because he wants a successer. Also he is a little bit of a rule breaker because he is going to teach Tao to draw when drawing is a taboo if you're not a shaman. Another thing is he is selfish in a way because he wants a successer for himself.

Chapter 10
1. What are the "mountains-that-walk"? The "mountains-that-walk" are wooly mammoths.
2. What almost happened to Tao? Tao almost got killed because one wooly mammoth almost squished him with it's gigantic foot.

Chapter 11
Do you think Graybeard is a good teacher? Why? I think he's a good teacher because he is trying to teach Tao the right and better way.(according to him) At the same time he is a bad teacher because he's not letting Tao draw freely and how Tao wants to and Graybeard wants Tao to draw his own way.
Would you like to have been taught a skill by him? Why? I would like to be taught a skill by Graybeard because his way would help me do better, his rudeness push me to do it his way, and he is more experienced.

Chapter 121. Name some of the ingredients used to make paint. Which surprised you most? Some of the ingredients to make paint are fish oil, charcoal dust, honey, and boiled fat and clotted blood from a boar.
2. Why is Tao afraid at the end of the chapter?