Cassandra's Boy of the Painted Cave Work

Monday, October 6, 2008
1. What are you good at?
2. How do you feel when you're doing the thing you're good at?
3. How would you feel if people wouldn't let you do the thing you're good at?
1. I am very good at running, drawing anime, and making my own songs.
2. When I'm running, I feel calm and free. When I am drawing japanese characters, I feel relaxed and excited because everytime I draw, an idea just suddenly comes to me. Also when I create my own songs and then sing to it, I feel that I can express myself in words, not just my drawings.
3. If people would not let me do what I am good at, I would be
VERY FRUSTRATED! Also, I don't even know why I wouldn't be able to draw, run, sing, and write songs. That's just weird.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 CLASSWORK
Chapter 1
1. What problems or conflicts are presented in chapter one? Tao needing to find a rabbit is an obvious one; identify at least two more (not having anything to do with the rabbit!). Another conflict is that
2. Predict the resolution of each conflict.

1. One problem is that Tao could not draw on the cave wall. Another conflict is that there is not enough food for the clan to eat.

2. Conflict: Tao was not able to draw pictures on the cave walls because it was considered taboo.
Resolution: He had to draw on the dirt floor in the hut so no one will see him.

Conflict: There is not enough food for everyone to eat.
Resolution: In the summer there will be more food.

CLASSWORK: Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Answer the question below
Chapter 2
What two important events happen in this chapter?


2. He didn't eat in the morning, but at least some grubs and a few berries. He also went to a cave and heard scary noises so so he was afraid that he might get eaten.

CLASSWORK Friday, October 10, 2008
Answer the questions below
Chapter 3
1. What do Tao and Ram learn to do together?

2. What decision does Tao tell Volt?

3. Look at Tao's decisions and actions from Volt's perspective. Pretend you are Volt. Write a first person paragraph explaining how you feel.

1. Ram and Tao learned to hunt animals.

2. Tao tells Volt that they should use a wolf dog to hunt and that Tao wants to hunt alone.

3. I wouldn't feel very angry because Tao just wants to hunt with a dog that can help him to get more food for the clan. I would say, "Go ahead with your dog and make sure your heads are not in the clouds. Stay focused and please come back with more food."

CLASSWORK Monday, October 13, 2008
Read Chapter 4 in class. Answer the following questions
Chapter 4
In a good paragraph, describe Tao's mother. Start with an interest grabber. Then write your topic sentence. Give three details or examples to support your thesis. Use a quotation from the chapter.

Kala told Tao that his mother was 16 summers. Her name was Vedra of the Mountain People. She gave birth to Tao when he was early-born. She never wanted to let go of him. Vedra always loved Tao.

CLASSWORK Friday, October 17, 2008
Finish reading Chapter 5 in class
Answer the following questions
Chapter 5
1. Which two animals does Tao try to draw?
2. Which is easier for him and why?

1. The two animals Tao tried to draw was the wolf dog and a horse.
2. It was easier for Tao to draw the wolf dog because he could see the outline of it's body. He could actually draw it correctly when he's looking at it. He did not remember what the horse looked like.

CLASSWORK Monday, October 20, 2008

Answer the following questions
Chapter 6
1. Graybeard realizes that Tao has broken two taboos of his clan. What are they?
2. Which taboo doesn't he know about yet?
3. Graybeard describes Volt differently than we have. What aspects of Volt's character is Graybeard acknowledging?

1. The two taboos were hunting with the wolf dog and the other was that he hunts on forbidden land.
2. The taboo that Graybeard doesn't know about yet is that Tao paints on the cave walls.
3. Graybeard thinks of Volt as a serious and a good man.

CLASSWORK Thursday, October 23, 2008
Write your reaction to the last paragraph in the chapter. Do you agree or disagree with Graybeard? Is what he says true for those times, but not now? Or is the reverse true: is it true now, but wasn't true then?

I completely disagree with Graybeard because if Tao does this taboo, he could actually make a difference and he might change his clan's customs.

Chapter 8
An important theme in this novel is that people should follow their dreams and do what they believe is right, even if they don't follow their society's expected ways.
The author examines this theme in a stone age setting. Imagine a similar situation today, where a person's desires go against society's expectations
What situation did you imagine?

In the situation you imagined, should the person follow his or her dreams or should they follow society's rules? Give your opinion.

Well it depends on what they want to do if its against society's expectations or not. One example is when people have many dreams to do what they love. When boys want to become ballet teachers or students. That should be against society because lots of boys I know love to dance especially ballet and they should do what they love. That shouldn't be illegal. Another example is that when girls love to do sports. Some girls like to run, play football, soccer, baseball, etc. Well I love to do sports especially running and that should not be illegal because thats what I do. That is my hobby. Girls doing boys stuff and boys doing girls stuff should not be illegal because everyone has a different interest and they love to do it.

CLASSWORK Monday, October 27, 2008
Chapter 9
Why do you think Graybeard changed his mind?
What does this tell you about his character?

1. I think he changed his mind because he saw Tao getting better in his training.
2. It tells us that he is a very giving person and he gives Tao a chance to draw on the walls.

CLASSWORK Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Chapter 10
1. What are the "mountains-that-walk"?
2. What almost happened to Tao?

1. The mountains-that-walk means that there is a vast heard of animals coming.
2. The brute's foot was about to hurt Tao.

CLASSWORK Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Chapter 11
Do you think Graybeard is a good teacher? Why?
Would you like to have been taught a skill by him? Why?

1. I think that he is a good teacher because he is very strict about his teaching and its a good thing to teach your students the hard way so they can learn more.
2. I would like to be taught by Graybeard because sometimes in class I get foolish in class and I end up not knowing what the lesson is. So having a teacher like Graybeard would make me a better student.

CLASSWORK Thursday, October 30, 2008
Chapter 12
1. Name some of the ingredients used to make paint. Which surprised you most?
2. Why is Tao afraid at the end of the chapter?

1. Some of the ingredients for the paint that Tao and Graybeard used was red and white earth, limestone, and fish oil. The ingredient that surprised me the most was the fish oil because I was wondering, how does fish oil make a paint with 3 different colors? It's very oily and I thought oily ingredients wouldn't make paint. I guess I was wrong.
2. Tao was afraid because he thought that something would happen to Graybeard since he is very old.

CLASSWORK Monday, November 3, 2008
Chapter 13
1. Even if Ram had succeeded in hunting the deer, do you think it was a good idea of Tao's to "show off" his dog's ability to hunt? Explain.
2. Predict what will happen next. If you've read ahead, invent an alternate scene.

1. I don't think it's a good idea to show off Ram's ability because it could be a chance for Volt to take Ram away from Tao.
2. I think that Volt will try to take Ram away because he thinks he is a demon.

CLASSWORK Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Chapter 14
1. Why does Tao cross the river?
2. What decision does Graybeard reach?

1. He crosses the river because he heard the howl of a wolf dog.
2. He decides to tell the clan to except him as an image maker.

CLASSWORK Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Chapter 15
What problem does Tao have by the end of the chapter?

1. The problem is that Graybeard is very sick and Tao is worried.

Find a picture that resembles the one Tao is painting. Copy it as your answer to this question.

Chapter 17
Wow! What a chapter! What was your reaction? Tense? Surprised? You predicted it? Write a paragraph describing your reaction.

Reaction:Oh my goodness! This chapter is amazing! First of all, I feel sorry for Tao because Graybeard died and he meant a lot to Tao and that he had to face Saxon. Also, Volt helped him while he was in battle. Volt gave him a spear and he distracted Saxon. I am still surprised that Volt is Tao's father and I am still wondering why he didn't tell him. Well at least he helped him. That probably means that he still cares for Tao even though he didn't take care of him when he was a little boy.

CLASSWORK Friday, November 7, 2008

Chapter 18
Why does Tao feel he needs to go to the Mountain People?

Tao feels that he needs to go to the Mountain People because he wants to continue his dream of becoming a cave painter and to follow Graybeard's footsteps.

The End!!!