Boy of the Painted Cave Assignment

Monday, October 8, 2007
1. What are you good at?
I am good at art, sketching, and mostly drawing people.
2. How do you feel when you're doing the thing you're good at?
I feel really concentrated.
3. How would you feel if people wouldn't let you do the thing you're good at?
I wouldn't like it. Art is my passion and I couldn't live without it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Chapter 1
1. What problems or conflicts are presented in chapter one? Tao needing to find a rabbit is an obvious one; identify at least two more.
A: He doesn't want to hunt like the other men. He wants to draw.
B: Their village is going hungry because of no meat.
2. Predict the resolution of each conflict.
A: He can work hard to be one of the chosen few to draw.
B: They can just settle on grubs and plants until it gets warmer.

Chapter 2
What two important events happen in this chapter?
A: Tao was camping in the mountains, when he crossed the wolf-dog. He noticed why it wouldn't eat. It had a bone splinter jammed in it's jaw. He pulled it out.
B: He was exploring the swamp and found a lot of fruits and mushrooms. But when he was looking around, he heard a sound and thought it was a evil spirit.

Chapter 3
1. What do Tao and Ram learn to do together?
They learn to hunt together.

2. What decision does Tao tell Volt?
He wants to hunt on his own so he can bring his own meat back tot he clan.
3. Look at Tao's decisions and actions from Volt's perspective. Pretend you are Volt. Write a first person paragraph explaining how you feel.
I feel that Tao is making a big mistake. He is not a good hunter, and he distracted very easily. He will not be able to eat for days because he can only eat what he brings in. I am very concerned that this clan will starve because of him.

Chapter 4
In a good paragraph, describe Tao's mother. Start with an interest grabber. Then write your topic sentence. Give three details or
examples to support your thesis. Use a quotation from the chapter.

Tao's mother is a life saver. When Tao was born, he was born with a bad foot. It is a law to leave weak and crippled children to die. The clan members wanted to leave him for the hyenas. "But your mother would not let you go. She sat in the corner of Big Cave, holding you you to her breast, keeping you warm, rocking back and forth, singing." She sacrificed herself so that Tao can live. After a while, she grew weak and, passed away. When she did, Kala adopted Tao.

Chapter 5
1. Which two animals does Tao try to draw?
He tries to draw a horse, but he's not pleased with it. Then he draws a wolf, which is ram.
2. Which is easier for him and why?
Ram is easier to draw because he can't work on memory. He is only pleased with his drawings when he draws it while he looks at the animal.

Chapter 6
1. Graybeard realizes that Tao has broken two taboos of his clan. What are they?
A: Tao hunts in the slough.
B: He hunts with a wolf dog.
2. Which taboo doesn't he know about yet?
Tao paints in his cave.
3. Graybeard describes Volt differently than we have. What aspects of Volt's character is Graybeard acknowledging?
He says that Volt is a good man.

Chapter 7
Write your reaction to the last paragraph in the chapter. Do you agree or disagree with Graybeard? Is what he says true for those times, but not now? Or, is the reverse true: was it not true then, but true now?

I was shocked. Why would he agree on the other taboos, but not on the drawings? I disagree with Graybeard. If something bad happened to one person, Why does it have to be bad for the whole clan? For example, Volt got attacked in the slough, and it is forbidden. I think Graybeard was very harsh and cruel about Tao's drawings. That was true back then, but not now. People don't curse things just because something bad happened to one person. For example, if there is a car accident on a street, people will still drive on that street. It's not closed.

Chapter 8
An important theme in this novel is that people should follow their dreams and do what they believe is right, even if they don't follow their society's expected ways.
The author examines this theme in a stone age setting. Imagine a similar situation today.
What situation did you imagine?
I think if kids want to write books, they should. If they have a really good book, they should get it published. Even if some people think it's weird, or taboo__

In the situation you imagined, should the person follow his or her dreams or should they follow society's rules? Give your opinion.

I think if you have a passion for writing, then you should have a your book published. Because if you are better than an adult, you should get it.

Chapter 9
Why do you think Graybeard changed his mind?
I think he changed his mind because Tao listened to his advice. He saw a Saxon, and he drew it on a rock and he used the image to draw on his cave.
What does this tell you about his character?
That he is nice, caring and if you listened to his advice, he'll help you.

Chapter 10
1. What are the "mountains-that-walk"?
The mountains that walk are Mammoths.
2. What almost happened to Tao?
He almost almost got killed by a mammoth. It was going to crush him with it's foot.

Chapter 11
Do you think Graybeard is a good teacher? Why?
I think he is because he doesn't use a textbook to guide him, he uses his own memory and uses words that inspire.
Would you like to have been taught a skill by him? Why?
Yes I would. Again, I'd like to be taught by him because he is very inspiring and he uses his own memory to guide him.

Chapter 12
1. Name some of the ingredients used to make paint. Which surprised you most?
He needed oil, blood, fat, and some soil.
2. Why is Tao afraid at the end of the chapter?
He is afraid because Graybeard is growing weak and might die.

Chapter 13
1. Even if Ram had succeeded in hunting the deer, do you think it was a good idea of Tao's to "show off" his dog's ability to hunt? Explain.
I don't think it was a good idea because Volt would still think that wolf dogs are a curse. He would most likely think : that wolf dog killed one of the animals, he is trying to steal our game.
2. Predict what will happen next. If you've read ahead, invent an alternate scene.
I think that Volt and the others will take Ram back to camp and eat or kill it.

Chapter 14
1. Why does Tao cross the river?
He crosses the river because he hears a howling and thinks it is ram.
2. What decision does Graybeard reach?
He decides to make Tao a cave painter.

Chapter 15
What problem does Tao have by the end of the chapter?
His problem is that he is confused about which side of the cave he is supposed to go in. He thought he was going in the wrong direction.

Chapter 16
Look at the website of the Laxcaux Caves: Find a picture that resembles the one Tao is painting. Copy it as your answer to this question.


Chapter 17
Wow! What a chapter! What was your reaction? Tense? Surprised? You predicted it? Write a paragraph describing your reaction.

Yes, I did predict it. It is very obvious that he would beat Saxon. In most stories, the main character a always gets a happy ending. I wish that one day, there would be a book where the main character actually has a bad ending. If all the books have a happy ending, no one would read them. Sometimes, it seems like there is going to be something bad, but it just gets fixed right away. Like Tao, when he fell down,it seemed like he was going to get killed, but he just picked himself back up.

Chapter 18
Why does Tao feel he needs to go to the Mountain People?
He was going to the mountain people because he was walking in the footsteps of the Graybeard and he needed to prove himself to them.