Becky essay

This is a book called the “Becky and the Wheels and Brake Boys”, written by James berry, a girl named Becky wants a bike but her mother disagrees with the idea. Becky is a credible chacter. Because of how she acts, and says and feels.
First of all she begs her mom for what she wants like a bike. As Becky says, “Over and Over I told my mom I wanted a bike” she really wants a bike more than any thing so she asks her mom this proves that Becky is realistic character because a lot of kids bug their parent’s for what they want.

Secondly, Becky is believable character because she fought with her friend and got angry with her. Becky thinks to her self,” For the first time Shernette and me had a real fight because of what I hated most” She was mad at her best friend because Shernet let a cockroach fly down Becky’s blouse .She is credible because friends frequently fought with each other.

The third reason why Becky is credible is because she as because she asks for some helps to learn how to ride a bike. Becky asks the Wheel and BrakeBoys, ”Can somebody teach me how to ride?” Becky just wants to fit in just like any other kid. Becky stand’s up for what she wants.
Becky is a realistic character because of her emotion’s action’s and words
I know a person in my family that bugs people for what she wants.