Speak, By Laurie Halse Anderson

It is a night at a end- of summer party. Imagine that you are an eighth grade girl going to a high school party. But something horribly wrong happens and you call the cops. When the Operator answers, you can't speak. Your mouth is dry. Now the police would be on their way to crash this party and it's your fault. Your friends are mad at you and won't talk to you. But you can't explain the horrible thing that happened to you that night. You can't speak. This is what Melinda went through. Her best friend Rachel, is not talking to her and she is all alone. All she wants to do is tell everyone what happened.
This book is a great one. It has the mysterious parts, some funny parts, and some parts that will haunt you forever. Even though this book is sad, it's one that you can read over and over again. It's one of those books where you never know what's going to happen next. One minute your happy, getting ready to leave school, the next you're being attacked.
Melinda is trapped inside her own head. But somehow, she finds the courage to tell her best friend, excuse me, ex best friend what happened to her and that she didn't mean to ruin the party. This book is very suspenseful.